How it works
Real eye tracking analytics in the cloud

Upload the content or URL you want to test.

Measure exactly where and for how long users look.
* requires our affordable eye tracking device: The Eye Tribe Tracker

Analyze the results online in EyeProof platform, with heatmaps, gazepaths and statistics.

Mobile Analytics

We offer a fully mobile eye tracking system that allows you to test ads and websites on a tablet.

Our current mobile test setup consist of The Eye Tribe Tracker mounted on a Surface Pro tablet.

Eye Tribe mobile tracker

Eye Tribe boxed tracker

Real Eye

Unlike other heatmap analytics on the market that are typically based on mouse clicks or inaccurate web cameras our EyeProof platform use real eye tracking data. We have made the world’s first affordable eye tracking device that use infrared illumination and high resolution sensors to accurately estimate where a person is looking at the screen. Our eye tracking device is available today for purchase at